Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy

Created from years of professional and hobby painting, Duncan and Roger are proud to present their greatest innovation - the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy: Two Thin Coats. Each color has been expertly created by some of the world's foremost paint-chemists working hand-in-hand with Duncan to create the perfect shadows, midtones, highlights, and washes for every painter - from those just starting out, to award-winning artists!


Danny Samuels' Dumbgeons & Doofuses

Dumbgeons & Doofuses © 2021 Samuels Sculpture Solutions LLC Art By Josh Newton

A hallucinogenic adventure set in a psychedelic plane known as The Haze! This, D&D, meets Alice in Wonderland, parody module fits seamlessly into any party's existing D&D campaign, with minimal collateral story damage (save for maybe an epic hangover). The accompanying line of high-quality miniatures allows players to truly immerse themselves as they step into the face-melting world of The Haze. Get “high” on this hilarious trip with your friends and enjoy Danny Samuels' Dumbgeons and Doofuses!