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Two Thin Coats Reviews

Two Thin Coats Paint has been highly regarded by many reviews so far. Below are some of the comments as well as links to reviews themselves:

Channel name: Angel GiraldeZ

Presenter/Creator:  Angel Giraldez

Title of the video:  Angel Giraldez using TWO THIN COATS colors (REVIEW /Duncan Rhodes)

Channel name: Stahly (Tale of Painters)


“The consistency is incredibly creamy and silky smooth” 

” The paints go on super smoothly and won’t leave any streaks at all” 

“I was really impressed with how pleasant they are to work with and I own over 1,000 of paints from all miniature paint brands out there” 

“Even when heavily diluted for glazing you get a beautiful even result” 

“I found the coverage to be way above average as well”

 “Two Thin Coats has a silky smooth consistency, superior pigmentation and high opacity. The metallics are amazing and the washes are richer”

Christopher Stahly

Channel name: Table Top Ready

“I had quite high expectations for the Two Thin Coats range, especially because they are what I would consider a premium product. But so far they’ve not disappointed and they’ve managed to meet my expectations quite easily”

 “A lot of care and attention has gone into them…you won’t be disappointed”

Michael Twycros

Channel name: The Half-Done Hobbyist

“All in all I really enjoyed using this range”  

Regarding Dragon Gold-“It came out perfectly, it covered so well and it might actually be my go-to gold from now on”

Channel name: Bitzbox

Channel name: Mini Painting Punk


“The Two Thin Coats paints are undoubtedly high quality paints”

“I do think I would probably pay up to five pounds for paints of this quality”

Gazz Burgess

Channel name: Mighty Lancer Games


“I think that’s one of the best yellow’s I’ve used over black”

“First impressions are excellent”

“In terms of fluidity the way the paint goes on they’re absolutely fantastic, really smooth”

Nathan Long

Channel name: Spoontastic Miniatures


“So far I’m very impressed by the quality and consistency of them, in fact I’ve hardly had to shake them, they work straight out of the pot”

“I can’t see you going wrong with these paints”

James Marsh

Channel name: eBay Miniature Rescue


“The end result is pretty nice looking.  A lot of the colors really pop on both sides of the spectrum”

” The paint blends nicely and most importantly it feels good”

“The paint thins nicely and the airbrush shoots very smooth”

“The paints mix together and when they dry they look super smooth and creamy”

“The triad system make sense and giving painters the option of consistency by starting out with a thicker paint will make it easier to learn more advanced techniques down the road”

“Overall these paints feel great to use and I know I can get great results on my minis”

Casey Alden

Channel name: Goobertown Hobbies

Presenter/Creator: Brent Amberger


“I think they’re going to be a big seller” 

“We’ve been painting with these non-stop for three or four days now and we’re having fun”

Brent Amberger

Title of the video:  Duncan’s Paints Are Goin Big. Two Thin Coats Review 

Channel name: The Pickle Jar


“The paints themselves all applied really nicely through an airbrush” 

“I have to be completely honest; I am really impressed with how well these applied” 

“It was the black that really stood out to me, I really like the finish on it, I love the coverage” 

“I’m actually a little bit taken aback with how nice these paints were to use” 

“I really like the washes as well.  They performed very well and I liked the coverage and the finish of the paints in general” 

“I would recommend these paints definitely”


Channel name: Sprues & Brews


“I think the metals are probably one of the strongest parts of the range as well, they’re really really good metallics” 

“They feel really premium to use, so I really really recommend them”

Channel name: Mediocre Hobbies


“These paints made me a better painter”

“I got a nice solid coat of yellow with minimal stress and minimum effort…no streaks and brush strokes patchiness, just nice solid coat of yellow” 

“I don’t know if I was expecting a high-quality paint or a kind of mid-range paint, but I am surprised to say that I think this rat ogre may be the best painted miniature that I’ve ever created”


Channel name: Jon Bius

Presenter/Creator: Jon Bius


“I really enjoyed them”

“They’re everything you would expect in a good quality paint”

“They thin down nicely, they glazed easily, the pigments didn’t break apart when you thin them a lot, the colors are very good”

Jon Buis

Channel name: Ninjon

Presenter/Creator: Jon


“This stuff sprays like a dream. No speckling, no clogging and it still keeps a nice vibrant color” 

“One thing I’m really appreciating about this range is no matter what color I grab they all have the same consistency and thickness”

“These metallics are awesome.  They have very fine pigments, they’re super smooth to apply and the coverage is great” 

“There’s a lot to like here, it’s nice and creamy out of the bottle, it thins down well, it has a pleasant matte finish”



Channel name: Hobby Knight


“I will give them some definite credit there, of this is going on very very smoothly”

“I really like his washes I am quite impressed with just how well this has gone on, it’s smooth much like the rest of the paints I’ve been using and I feel like I’m probably going to continue to say that”

“They have a nice opacity to them without being like overbearingly opaque”



Channel Name: The Tabletop Supershow

Presenter/Creator: Stevie Ray


“A little bit smoother to apply than their (named competitor’s) counterparts” 

“Pretty good paints that are going to be a go-to and I have a feeling that they’re going to be quite successful”

Steveie Ray

Channel name: Broadsword Wargaming


“I think Two Thin Coats is my absolute favorite” (referring to all the white paints in the video)

Ciara Muldoon
Which White Paint is the worst?! EVERY White Paint Tested!

Channel name: The Painting Coach


“Overall I really enjoyed using the Two Thin Coats set of paints. I can easily recommend them to anyone in the hobby, especially those starting out.”

“They’re not the cheapest on the market, but I do think they’re good value because I think the quality is excellent.”

Lloyd Davies
The Truth About Two Thin Coats Paint